Commercial Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Commercial Fire Damage Insurance Claims

At Prime Adjustments, we understand the implications a fire can have on your commercial business. Navigating commercial fire damage insurance claim can be overwhelming, but our team is here to ensure you get the compensation you rightly deserve.

You’re running a business and a fire occurs.  What do you do first?  What are your duties under the policy to mitigate the damage?  Who do I hire first to help me?  How do I select the proper fire restoration company?  What are my commercial fire coverages?  These are all issues we assist with to ensure a proper settlement and ease your frustration throughout the process.


What To Do After A Commercial Fire?

  • Prompt Reporting: The sooner your claim is reported, the quicker it can be addressed. We assist in immediate reporting to ensure your claim is reported promptly to the carrier.
  • Documentation: A robust claim is backed by detailed evidence. We’ll compile vital documentation, including photos, inventory losses, and expert evaluations.  Our experts will document the loss in Xactimate, an insurance software that generates replacement costs in your area.
  • Thorough Policy Review: Many policyholders are unaware of the intricacies of their coverage. Our public adjusters dive deep, examining the specifics of your coverage and clarifying potential exclusions.
  • Business Interruption Coverage: We understand that downtime impacts revenue. With an efficient claim process, we help your operations return to normalcy at the earliest and file a claim for the loss of use.  In certain cases we will obtain forensic accountants to accomplish this.
  • Evading Unreasonable Settlements: Rapid settlements might seem enticing, but they can often undervalue your loss. We ensure you’re getting compensated for the proper claim value to rebuild your business.


Why hire Prime Adjustments?

  1. Commercial Fire Claim Expertise: Our extensive experience handling commercial fire damage insurance claims ensures that we understand all its facets, from policy interpretation to negotiation tactics with insurance companies.
  2. Advocacy: More often than not, insurance companies may present an offer that doesn’t truly represent the extent of your damage. Our role is to stand firmly by your side, ensuring your claim is fully documented and the fire damage is covered under your policy.
  3. Damage Analysis: Beyond the apparent fire damage, other issues such as smoke damage, water damage from firefighting efforts, and structural vulnerabilities may arise. We undertake a meticulous evaluation process, leaving no damage unturned while hiring designated experts to prove your damages.

Most commercial insurance policies do provide coverage property damage due a named peril. However, the extent can vary, and certain exclusions may apply.  The policy must be reviewed as coverages vary.

The duration can vary based on the severity of the damage, the clarity of the claim, and the insurance provider’s responsiveness. With Prime Adjustments on your side, we always aim for the most efficient resolution.

Absolutely. It’s your right to ensure the settlement covers your damages adequately.  We build the file with detailed claim documentation to prove our case and provide the insights and support needed to negotiate effectively.

If your fire damage claim is denied, it’s essential not to panic or consider it the final decision.  Insurance companies may deny claims for various reasons, including discrepancies in the documentation, perceived policy violations, or interpretations of the policy language.  However, policyholders have the right to appeal these decisions.  In such situations, it’s beneficial to consult with us to get a second opinion and see what holds water.  We can provide a comprehensive review of the denial, help gather additional necessary evidence, and navigate through the appeal process to ensure your claim gets the attention and resolution it deserves.


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Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

Smoke damage, though often less visible than its fiery counterpart, leaves a lasting damage imprint on properties that have endured the reach of smoke particles. This insidious aftermath coats surfaces with a film of residue, discolors fabrics, and infiltrates even the smallest crevices. Once it’s in your air ducts they must be cleaned or replaced. The distinct smoke odor, a reminder of the event, lingers in the air. Smoke damage restoration involves a meticulous process of cleaning, deodorizing, and restoring affected areas. From removing stubborn soot to employing advanced techniques that neutralize lingering odors, smoke damage experts meticulously rejuvenate spaces, ensuring a fresh start for both the physical environment and the peace of mind of property owners. These are issues you want to make sure are documented and accounted for in your fire damage insurance claim.


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