Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Recovering Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Facing the aftermath of a fire, whether it’s a residential fire or commercial fire, can be overwhelming. It’s not just the loss of property, it’s very emotional as years of memories are gone in a fire. Our public adjusters specialize in fire damage insurance claims, making sure that all your duties after a loss within your insurance policy are met. Fire damage insurance claims are not all the same. Different experts need to be brought in depending on the loss. Our public adjusters will guide you through this process assist obtaining a fair insurance fire settlement so you can confidently rebuild and restore your fire damaged property.


Navigating The Fire Damage Claims Process

  1. Fire Damage Assessment: Our meticulous approach begins with a detailed assessment of the fire damage. We evaluate with experts to document the damage, establish heat zones, preform hardness testing, piping and stress analysis.  There is more to a fire claim than just meets the eye.  Many times, smoke damage is overlooked.

  2. Fire Damage Documentation: Precise documentation is important to building and proving your insurance claim. We compile an exhaustive record of the damage, from structural elements to personal belongings, presenting a comprehensive case to your insurance company.

  3. Strategic Claim Preparation: With a full evidence-backed documentation package, we strategically prepare and present your fire damage insurance claim. Our negotiation skills are honed to secure the best possible outcome for you.

  4. Compensation: We’re not satisfied until you receive the compensation you’re entitled to under your policy. Our expertise allows us to present your case effectively, ensuring every dollar needed for repairs and restoration is accounted for so you can repair or rebuild your property.

  5. Timely Claim Resolution: Time is of the essence in fire damage recovery. We expedite the claims process, working diligently to secure a fair resolution that facilitates timely restoration of your property.

Additional Living Expense (ALE)/Loss Of Use

Many times after a fire the home or business is uninhabitable.  To determine whether your loss covers an additional living expense claim to be reimbursable as ALE, it’s a pretty simple question: Is this extra expense I incurred due to the fire loss?  These additional expenses should be rightfully reimbursed by your insurance carrier.  Unfortunately, costs related to the fire and costs to live somewhere else are not always paid timely.  When you have to move out of the building due to the fire loss you are owed like, kind and quality of the property you are renting.  Don’t accept being put up in a small hotel when you had a 3 bedroom home.  If you don’t have enough coverage than possibly that is your best option.  Our public adjusters can review your situation and insurance coverage to assist you in receiving ALE due under your policy.


Five Reasons Your Fire Insurance Claim May Be Denied

  1.  Material misrepresentation

  2.  Missing reporting or filing deadlines

  3.  Inaccurate assertions or suspicious claims that may be fraudulent

  4.  Absence of coverage or specific exclusion provisions

  5.  Misdocumented damages

What Should I Do If My Fire Damage Claim Has Been Denied?

Insurance companies deny claims for various reasons.  A fire insurance claim can be reopened if it has merit and is still in the timeframe to do so.  Prime Adjustments can review your claim to determine if you have proper coverage and determine if you are still in the contractual timeframes to appeal the denial.  We can assist with reopening and recovering your claim.


What Are The Six Classes Of Fire Damage?

Class A:  Fires resulting from common combustibles like rubber, paper, cloth, wood, and many different plastics.

Class B:  These fires involve flammable liquids or gases, such as gasoline, paint, oil, and kerosene, and other domestic products such as cleaning solvents. (not including cooking oils).

Class C:  These are fires are started by flammable gases like propane, butane, hydrogen, or natural gas. General causes of gas fires in the kitchen are due to cooking gases which are mostly made up of iso-propane, propane or butane, or a mixture of them which are highly flammable.

Class D:  Metallic fires are in this class which consist of combustible metals like sodium or magnesium. These fires are rare; however these metals are conductors which help fires spread and retain heat at high temperatures.

Class E:  In a class E fire these could be caused and sustained by any Class B, C, or Class D fires. These fires happen when a spark is initiated by faulty electrical equipment or overvoltage. These building are typically not up to code using cloth wires in their electrical.  Home builders largely stopped using cloth wiring in the 1970s.  Cotton wiring may become brittle and when that happens, your home is exposed to fire risks. Older buildings are at higher risk and consist of outdated electrical and moldy walls are higher risk for these fires.

Class F: Class F fires are common in the kitchen and are grease fires or cooking fires caused by cooking oils and fats. These are highly combustible and occur when grease or cooking oils come in contact with fire. (These fires have a separate classification due to these fires being hotter and pose more damage than those in Class B.)


Why Choose Prime Adjustments For Your Fire Damage Insurance Claim

  • Fire Damage Expertise: We understand the complexities of fire damage insurance claims. By specializing in this area, we bring focused expertise to your claim, optimizing your chances of a successful settlement.

  • Experience That Matters: We’re well-versed and licensed to interpret insurance policies.   No detail is missed in your insurance claim submission and we have relationships with fire experts that may be needed to document your fire claim.

  • Advocacy Is Our Priority: As your advocate, we prioritize your interests. We’re by your side throughout the process, advocating for your rights and securing the financial recovery you need from your fire insurance claim.

  • Peace of Mind: Dealing with fire damage is stressful enough. With our expert guidance, you can find peace of mind knowing your claim is in capable hands, allowing you to concentrate on rebuilding your life and focusing on your family.

  • Complimentary Consultation: Get started with a free no obligation fire damage consultation. We’ll assess your claim situation, discuss the specifics of your fire damage, and outline how we can best assist you in navigating the claims process.

We understand what you are going through and have empathy for your situation.  Contact us today for expert fire damage insurance claims assistance that empowers you to rebuild and reclaim your property’s value. Our specialized expertise ensures your claim stands strong, optimizing your chances of a successful settlement while you focus on moving forward.


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Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

Smoke damage, though often less visible than its fiery counterpart, leaves a lasting damage imprint on properties that have endured the reach of smoke particles. This insidious aftermath coats surfaces with a film of residue, discolors fabrics, and infiltrates even the smallest crevices. Once it’s in your air ducts they must be cleaned or replaced. The distinct smoke odor, a reminder of the event, lingers in the air. Smoke damage restoration involves a meticulous process of cleaning, deodorizing, and restoring affected areas. From removing stubborn soot to employing advanced techniques that neutralize lingering odors, smoke damage experts meticulously rejuvenate spaces, ensuring a fresh start for both the physical environment and the peace of mind of property owners. These are issues you want to make sure are documented and accounted for in your fire damage insurance claim.


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