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Prime Adjustments has licensed Montana Public Adjusters assisting Insureds across the Treasure State. One of our owners lives in Bozeman and is a graduate of Montana State, so you can be sure that when you reach out to Prime Adjustments you will have a local partner to assist you with your claim. Serving the Gallatin Valley, Bozeman, Big Sky, Billings and beyond, Prime Adjustments has the local knowledge and resources to ensure your property is brought back to pre-loss condition swiftly.

While Montana is blessed with a wide array of beautiful terrain and landscapes, it also has adverse range of unpredictable and sometimes severe weather conditions. These weather extremes can pose a threat to property, oftentimes causing damage ranging from minor inconveniences to catastrophic losses. Below is a list of the top 5 most common property claims in Montana.


Top 5 Property Claims in Montana

    1. Hail Damage: Montana’s volatile weather is prone to severe thunderstorms that produce large hail, especially during the spring and summer months. Typically occurring in the afternoons and evenings, these Hailstorms can produce large stones with the capability of causing extensive damage to roofs, siding, windows, and vehicles, making hail damage one of the most frequent property insurance claims in the state.
    2. Wind Damage: While the average number of tornadoes that impact Montana is a paltry 2, strong winds including gusts associated with thunderstorms and winter storms do occur quite frequently.  These straight-line wind events regularly result in roof shingle loss, siding damage, and fallen trees or branches across all parts of Montana.
    3. Water Damage: Whether the source is burst pipes, plumbing leaks, or weather-related events like heavy rainfall or snow melt causing flooding, water losses are some of the most frequently claimed damages nationwide and Montana is no exception.  These types of losses are often far more wide reaching than the damage they present, and can result in subsequent mold damage to be addressed.  It is important to have an experienced contractor and policy expert to make sure all damages are covered and addressed.
    4. Fire Damage: While not as common as some weather-related claims, wildfires and accidental fires cause damage in Montana. Fire damage claims nearly always involve some level of destruction to homes, outbuildings, and personal belongings. While wildfires are a looming threat annually, accidental fires occur year-round. Because of historically cold wind winters and cooler summers (we know it still gets hot!) many homes in Montana are not equipped with forced air systems relying on fireplaces, wood stoves, and baseboard units for heat. This leads to higher propensity for accidental fires occurring in Montana homes.
    5. Snow and Ice Damage: Montana's harsh and snow-filled winters regularly produce claims filed as a result of snow and ice damage. These claims include roof collapses due to heavy snow accumulation, ice dams causing roof leaks, or damage caused by ice storms. While collapses and weight of snow/ice claims are often more catastrophic than ice damming, the latter has become a more prevalent problem in recent years for Montana residents. Additionally, the full extent of the damage is often harder to see and quantify.



How We Assist Montana Contractors

Collaboration between contractors and public adjusters is a symbiotic relationship that combines expertise and resources to benefit a property owner. By recommending a public adjuster when one of their customers approaches them with a job to restore damage from an insurance claim, contractors can focus on what they do best, restoring properties to their former glory while the public adjuster navigates the coverage, representation, and resolution of the claim. The public adjuster can take the burden (overhead and time) of dealing with the claim off of the contractor to allow them to focus on acquiring and performing more work. Together, they form a formidable team that ensures efficient, cost-effective, and successful property restoration projects. If you're a Montana contractor, consider partnering with a reputable public adjuster to enhance your ability to deliver exceptional results while minimizing the headaches often associated with insurance claims.


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Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation and take the first step towards securing a fair and just settlement for your property insurance claim. After this consultation we will provide the best course of action.  Even if Prime Adjustments is not the right fit for your situation, we will properly advise you what course of action is recommended.  We take care of our clients like they are family.

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