We Are Public Adjusters Indemnifying Policyholders

At Prime Adjustments we strive to be your reliable partner and expert advocates in the area of property insurance claims. With years of experience and a passion for helping policyholders, we are committed to ensuring you receive fair and just compensation for your property damages.  Our background consists of representing commercial and residential claims in the public adjusting and legal industry.

William Midtbo, Public Adjuster

William J. Midtbo


With over fifteen years of experience in the First Party Property insurance industry, I am deeply passionate about assisting policyholders. The establishment of Prime Adjustments as a resource for property owners felt like the natural progression in my career. I’ve had the privilege of learning from some of the industry’s finest mentors, dedicating the past decade to one of the most prominent first party property law firms in the country. Having worked for law firms and a public adjusting firm has allowed me to cultivate strong relationships and garner respect from my peers and counterparts throughout the industry due to my unwavering dedication to fairness and transparency. Prior to my involvement in the first party property industry, I successfully operated a boutique marketing firm, where I honed my skills in building lasting connections with a diverse range of businesses, from small local enterprises to global corporations.

William Midtbo Public Adjuster
Taylor Bezek, Public Adjuster

Taylor Bezek


I began working in insurance restoration in 2012 to subsidize my graduate degree at the University of Denver, where I was studying International Security and Homeland Security.  I spent that summer working for a roofing company, learning the ins and outs of insurance claim restoration work.  During my time with the roofing company, I met the owners of C3 Group Inc. and decided to join them as a Public Adjuster in June 2013.  I spent the next 10 years holding varying positions from Public Adjuster to Chief Sales Officer.  During my time with C3, I was fortunate to gain a wealth of experience, handling a wide variety of sizes and types of claims, as well as building relationships with great partners and resources within the industry.  With a desire for more flexibility and control over claims handling, I decided to partner with William Midtbo and Prime Adjustments.  I am excited to bring my experience and adjusting style to our customers, assisting them however possible during unquestionably difficult times.

Our Mission: Putting You, The Policyholder, First

At Prime Adjustments, our mission is simple – to put your needs first. We understand that filing an insurance claim can be overwhelming, especially during challenging times when you need to focus on recovery efforts. That’s where we step in. Our licensed and experienced public adjusters are dedicated to guiding you through the entire claims process, providing professional support, empathy and fighting for your best interests while keeping you up to date throughout every step of the process.


There Are Many Public Adjusters, Why Choose Prime Adjustments?

Not all public adjusters are the same.  Just like not all doctors and lawyers have the same expertise.

  1. Expertise and Experience: Our team consists of skilled public adjusters with a wealth of knowledge in insurance policies and the claims process. We’ve successfully handled numerous claims, ensuring our clients receive a fair settlement they deserve and are entitled to.
  2. Client-First Approach: Your satisfaction is our priority. We take the time to listen to your concerns, understand your unique claim situation, and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.  Not all claims and insurance policies are the same.
  3. Proven Track Record: We have individually earned a reputation for excellence in the public adjusting, first party property and contractor industry. Our track record of successful claim settlements speaks volumes about our commitment to our clients.
  4. Strategic Negotiation: With our proficient insurance claim negotiation skills and knowledge of building damage and insurance policies, we present our case to the insurance companies’ adjusters, ensuring you are treated fairly and with respect.
  5. Thorough Documentation: We leave no damage unturned when documenting damages and losses. Our attention to detail ensures that your claim accurately reflects the scope of damages, leaving no room for dispute.  We do not inflate your estimate but rather document every item that has damage that we can directly attribute to your loss.  This also helps define our reputation in the industry by not inflating claims and builds trust with the carriers.
  6. Communication:  The largest complaint industry wide is communication.  We strive to update you, any stakeholders and your contractor throughout each step of the claim process, so everyone is on the same page.


Our Public Adjusting Process: The Road to Fair Compensation

  1. Initial Public Adjuster Consultation: We begin by scheduling an initial consultation with a public adjuster to understand your situation better. During this meeting, we assess the damages and review your insurance policy and any correspondence with your insurance carrier to determine proper insurance coverage exists.
  2. Comprehensive Assessment: Our public adjusters conduct a detailed inspection of your property, meticulously documenting all damages and losses.  Pricing and scope are prepared in Xactimate, the insurance industry standard software.  We may bring in additional experts to prove your damage depending on your situation.
  3. Strategizing Your Claim: With our findings, we develop a comprehensive claim report package and initiate a robust strategy to assist in your settlement.
  4. Professional Negotiation: Armed with solid evidence and expertise, our public adjusters engage in claim negotiations with the insurance company’s adjusters, advocating for a fair and just settlement.
  5. Securing Your Compensation: Once an agreement is reached, we ensure you receive your claim settlement promptly, enabling you to move forward with repairing and rebuilding your property to a pre-loss condition.


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Contact us today for a free consultation and take the first step towards securing a fair and just settlement for your property insurance claim. After this consultation we will provide the best course of action.  Even if Prime Adjustments is not the right fit for your situation, we will properly advise you what course of action is recommended.  We take care of our clients like they are family.


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