Hotel Property Insurance Claims

Hotel Property Insurance Claims

Although falling under the larger umbrella of commercial claims, losses affecting hotels and resort properties are a brand all their own.  Hotel policies are usually all risk and afford coverage for a variety of perils, such as theft, vandalism, earthquakes, windstorms, and fire. Damages can range from vandalism confined to one room, a water loss affecting several floors, or fire that destroys a significant portion of the building. As with most other commercial claims, minimizing business interruption takes priority, with making sure appropriate repairs are done coming in close second.

The hotel property insurance claims process can be complex and time-consuming, depending on the scale of the damage.  While hoteliers are no strangers when it comes to dealing with construction in the form of capital expenditures, brand standards, or development they may find themselves in unfamiliar territory when it comes to getting an insurance claim resolved. From making sure all damage is documented and inventoried, to substantiating business personal property costs, to providing accurate documentation to support a business interruption claim, having a public adjuster can aid in the accurate and expedient resolution of a hotel claim, allowing ownership to focus on getting back to normal operations.

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