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Nebraska Public Adjuster Insurance Claim Assistance

Prime Adjustments has licensed Nebraska Public Adjusters in Nebraska assisting insureds across the Cornhusker State.  If your property insurance claim has been denied, delayed or underpaid contact our public adjusters today.  A property loss can be devastating, we are here to take control of your claim to ensure a fair settlement that you are entitled to.

Our Nebraska public adjusters work in Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, Grand Island, Kearney, Fremont, Hastings, Norfolk and throughout the state of Nebraska.

What Are Common Claims In Nebraska A Public Adjuster Can Help With?

Hail and tornadoes in Nebraska are always prevalent especially during the spring and summer months. These storms can produce hailstones of varying sizes, ranging from small pellets to large hail stones. The impact of hail can cause damage to roofs, windows, vehicles, and crops, resulting in costly repairs and losses for property owners and farmers.  As a residential or commercial property owner you need to ensure you are filing a claim within the timeframe that your policy allows if you do have hail damage.  Prime adjustments can support your claim by documenting and proving the damages to your building and negotiate a proper settlement.  Beware many roofers will tell you to file a hail insurance claim.  Before doing so you should reach out to a public adjuster to ensure you have the proper insurance coverage in your insurance policy.  Our Nebraska public adjusters can also run meteorologist reports for your address in Nebraska to confirm the hailstorm and reported hail size to ensure you’re not wasting your time filing a non-existent claim with bad facts.

Fire claims are also a common claim in Nebraska.  These are complex claims and need many experts to ensure a proper settlement.  If you had a fire in Nebraska you can get more information on our residential fire claims page or our commercial fire claims page.

Flooding is another major concern in Nebraska, due to the state’s extensive river systems, including the Missouri River and the Platte River.  For flood insurance claims you must have a separate flood insurance policy.   Heavy rainfall, snowmelt, and ice jams can cause rivers to overflow their banks, inundating communities and causing extensive damage to homes, businesses, and agricultural lands. Flood waters may not only result in structural damage but also pose health and safety risks, as contaminated water can lead to the spread of diseases and other hazards.

With all types of property insurance claims, sometimes appraisal is requested by the insurance carrier, or you may request it as a policyholder depending on your insurance policy.  We work property insurance appraisals in Nebraska as well for commercial and residential claims.

What Types of Claims Do Nebraska Public Adjusters Represent?

Dealing with property damage in Nebraska often requires a coordinated response from various stakeholders, including emergency responders, government agencies, public adjusters, and community organizations.  Contact a Nebraska public adjuster at Prime Adjustments today to review your insurance policy to ensure your loss is covered under your policy.


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