Commercial Roof Hail Damage

Commercial Roof Hail Damage Claims

The Alarming Reality of Hail Damage on Commercial Structures

Understanding why what lies beneath is often the answer to whether your commercial properties’ roof has been damaged by hail.

When a hailstorm strikes, the aftermath can be both visually striking and deceptively subtle.  While it’s easy to spot shattered windows and dented cars, commercial roofs often bear the brunt of hail’s impact in ways that aren’t immediately apparent.  Intrusive testing, a method that involves a closer inspection beneath the surface, is often crucial to accurately assess the extent of damage.

Hail damage to commercial roofs isn’t always glaringly obvious.  While the cap sheet or membrane may appear unharmed, the integrity of the roof’s structure might be compromised beneath the surface.  This hidden damage can lead to leaks, reduced insulation, and structural weaknesses if left untreated.  Intrusive testing involves physically examining the layers beneath the roof’s surface to reveal these hidden vulnerabilities.  Typically, a repairable test cut or core sample can definitively determine whether or not the underlying substrate has been compromised by hail.  Having an understanding of the roof type, underlayment, and installation method is key to determining if and to what extent a hail event may have caused damage.

Common Commercial Roof Types

  • TPO

  • EPDM

  • PVC

  • Built Up (BUR)

  • Modified Bitumen

  • SPF (Foam)

Common Insulation And Cover Board Substrates

  • Polyisocyanurate (“ISO” or “Polyiso”)

  • Expanded Polystyrene (“EPS”)

  • Extruded Polystyrene (“XPS”)

  • Rigid Fiberglass Insulation

  • Fiberboard

  • Perlite

  • Glass Matt Gypsum (“Securock” or “Densdeck”)

Common Installation Methods

  • Mechanically Fastened

  • Fully Adhered

  • Ballasted/Perimeter Adhered

  • Hot Mopped

  • Torch-Down

  • Self-Adhered

Single Ply Membrane Roofs (TPO, EPDM,PVC)

  • Primary Damage Concern: Substrate

  • Damage is typically exhibited as fractures to Iso facer, loss of adhesion, crushed gypsum, and fractures to the reverse of cap sheet corresponding with hail spatter or oxidation will typically be the best indication of hail damage.

  • Secondary Damage Concern: Surface/Membrane

  • Due to the elasticity of these types of roofing materials, it is rare to see ruptures to the membrane caused by hail. One exception is with PVC, where the plasticizers migrate with time, and hail damage may be exhibited on the surface of the membrane, in the form of concentric circle.

Other Flat/Low-Slope Systems (Modified Bitumen, Built-Up, SPF)

Primary Damage Concern: Surface/Cap Sheet

Most modified or built-up cap sheets are either granule coated or have a field-applied coating. Hail damage will typically present visually to the cap sheet or coating. On SPF roofs look for pitting and holes to the surface potentially created by the covered peril.

Secondary Damage Concern: Substrate Or Reverse Side Of Cap Sheet

While damage will usually be self-evident and visually observable to the cap sheet or surface of these roof systems, there are instances where additional testing can verify damage further. Taking a look at the reverse side of the cap sheet or desaturating the plies can lend additional information.

Commercial roofs are substantial investments, and their longevity is crucial for a business’s operations.  Ignoring or misdiagnosing hail damage can result in an accelerated deterioration of the roof’s materials and overall integrity.  Intrusive testing offers a comprehensive look at the damage, enabling property owners to make timely repairs that extend the roof’s lifespan and prevent more extensive issues.

Hail damage to commercial roofs is a complex issue that often requires more than a casual visual inspection.  Intrusive testing is essential to unveil hidden damage, accurately assess the extent of the impact, and make informed decisions regarding repairs and insurance claims.  Investing in thorough inspections now can save businesses from costly repairs in the future, ensuring that their commercial roofs remain durable, safe, and resilient for years to come.


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Restore your property’s value with a seamless and benefit-driven hail damage insurance claim process.  Our expertise ensures you are brought back to pre-loss condition, and that no damage is overlooked.  If we do not find correlating damage, we will be upfront and honest with you and advise you not to make a claim.

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