Public Adjuster Process

Our Public Adjuster Process Working Property Insurance Claims

Our Public Adjuster Claims Process

Step 1 – Initial Claim Review

Prior to Prime Adjustments signing a new property damage loss we will speak with you regarding your loss and request to following for review:

    • A copy of your full insurance policy
    • The coverage determination from your insurance carrier
    • Any corispondence with your insurance carrier
    • Any bills, invoices or quotes from contractors
    • Any photos of the loss
    • The date the damage occurred

Step 2 – Retaining Your Claim

After a thorough review of your claim situation, we will advise you on our recommendations on the next steps to take.  If we feel we can help your situation we will send you an e-sign contract to sign through your email, so we are properly retained.  If we cannot take your case we will advise you why and do are best to refer you to someone that can help.

Step 3 – Carrier Notice and Damage Assessment

We have now signed your claim and are sending our letter of representation to the carrier to notify them.  Prime Adjustments will also be scheduling our inspection at your property, if necessary, to document and scope your damages.


Step 4 – Scope of Damage Review and Strategic Claim Preparation

We will present to you our findings and scope of the loss to approve prior to putting together a Proof of Loss form to notarize and submit to your insurance carrier.


Step 5 – Carrier Negotiations

Prime Adjustments will now negotiate and meet with the insurance adjusters to prove your claim.  During this process many times your carrier will request additional documents and information that we will provide.


Step 6 – Insurance Claim Settlement

After strategic negotiations and a settlement amount being reached, Prime Adjustments will settle the claim with your approval and coordinate payment.

If no settlement is reached, Prime Adjustments will advise you on alternative dispute resolutions that best fit your situation.  No two claims are the same so we will present you with our recommendation.


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