Residential Home Hail Damage

Residential Home Hail Damage Claims Assessment

When hail damages a home or rental property, it is a personal matter.  Just like anything else with their home, insureds notice the smallest differences to their property after loss.  As such, a thorough investigation of damages is imperative to ensuring a home is restored to its pre-loss condition through the insurance claims process.  Looking at all aspects of a residence and documenting any deviation from normal design or conditions that can reasonably be attributed to hail damage, Prime Adjustments leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of an accurate scope and cost to repair damages sustained from the hail storm.  From the roof to the hot tub cover, all damage is documented.

Residential roofs vary in size, age, dimensions and materials.  All of which have different susceptibility to damage and how they present sustained damage.  It is important to have an understanding of the material type, age, and availability when assessing damage to a residential dwelling.  Additionally, being able to determine the repairability of a material may be the difference between a carrier offering a partial repair of a roof or paying for a full replacement.  Most policies cover “direct physical loss or damage” but offer little in the way of defining how that definition applies to different roofing materials, leading to varying opinions by carrier representatives on what does or does not constitute damage on certain roofing materials.

Curb appeal is often what sells homes, is what passers by notice, and is what homeowners work hard to cultivate through their design choices.  Whether structural or aesthetic, siding, paint, windows, landscaping, fencing and are all important facets of a home.  When evaluating a residential property for hail damage it is important to consider all components of an elevation, looking closely for indicators of hail damage.  Further, it is important to understand the directionality of a storm as it relates to damage, and be sure to take into account local regulations and policy conditions regarding matching, especially when it comes to windows, siding, paint, and gutters.

When hail is damaging enough to cause water damage to the interior of a house it can be distressing for the homeowner.  Determining the point of entry and full extent of damage is crucial to ensuring full and adequate coverage.  Oftentimes repairs prescribed by carriers will be deficient in their scope, or fail to address the full extent of the water intrusion.  Just as with the exterior of a home it is imperative to take into account local regulations and policy conditions regarding matching in order to properly address continuity of interior finishes like floors paint, and trim.

Personal Property
It is important to remember when going through a hail insurance claim, that personal property is typically covered in most policies.  This means that if hail damages patio furniture, hot tub covers, grills, playsets, and other outdoor furnishings they can be claimed.


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