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Our Public Adjusters Take Back Control of Your Property Insurance Claim With No Upfront Money Out of Pocket To You and Settle Your Claim While Taking The Stress Off You

Claim Payments are 747% Higher Using a Public Adjuster

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Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability’s examination of 2005 hurricane claims in Florida demonstrated an astonishing 747% increase in average compensation when a public adjuster was engaged, compared to when policyholders pursued the claims independently. Even after factoring in the adjuster’s fee, this translates to a substantially augmented payment.

Let’s face it, insurance companies are not knocking down your door to pay your property insurance claim.  Hiring representation and having a public adjuster by your side for complex insurance claims is a necessity.  It’s hard for a policyholder to go up against their insurance company.  Typically, this is not something you have experience with day to day.  After a loss your insurance company wants to you get quotes, document your loss and provide them a specific dollar figure that you are owed and you are expected to follow the policy and mitigate your loss.  Our public adjusters manage the complexities of the process after a devastating loss to ensure your duties under the policy are met, your property damage is properly scoped and documented, your insurance coverage is meticulously reviewed and the claim is settled fairly on your behalf.

Our public adjusters will reclaim control of your property insurance claim and negotiate your fair claim settlement so you can focus on rebuilding and restoring your property back to a pre-loss condition.  We pride ourselves on open and transparent communication, keeping you informed every step of the way, so you never feel left in the dark.  Never go to court without a lawyer, and never navigate an insurance claim without a Public Adjuster.

Our public adjuster expertise is resolving denied or underpaid fire claimshail claimshurricane claimswater claimswind claims and business interruption claims.

Public Adjusters Serving Arizona, Colorado, DC, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, MinnesotaMontana, Nevada, Nebraska, Oklahoma & Texas.
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Denied, Delayed or Underpaid Claims

Don’t take the first offer presented by your insurance company.  Our public adjusters will review your claim at no cost to you to ensure you are getting everything you are entitled to under your insurance policy.

Denied Property Insurance Claims

Get a free insurance claim review on us

A public adjuster will review your property insurance policy and speak with you about the damage pertaining to your claim. No two claims are the same, so you have our ear.

Our public adjusters are ready to help.

When you hire a public adjuster at Prime Adjustments

William J. Midtbo, Public Adjuster

Taylor Bezek, Public Adjuster

You get us. And we get your situation.

Why people LOVE our public adjusting services

Don’t just take our word for it

I've owned dozens of houses over the years and had multiple claims and Prime Adjustments is by far the best at what they do! They helped me after our last hurricane in Fort Lauderdale get a new roof and fence, etc. and nobody else would have taken the time and detail that they did to represent me and get me money for my claim. I can't thank you enough Prime Adjustments! I can't say enough good things about them. Best insurance adjustment company I've ever worked with! 5 stars!
John P.
William has been in the industry for years and knows how to handle insurance claims. He gets claims settled and knows what to do to get the money the policyholder deserves. He is friendly, knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend him as a Public Adjuster!
Anthony P.
Nick C.
Kirstie N.

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Multifamily Property Insurance Claims

Property managers, board members, and residents find themselves in the middle of an unfamiliar situation with their insurance claim and may not know the most effective way forward.  Our public adjusters will guide Multifamily properties on the complexities of their claim.

Shopping Center And Strip Mall Insurance Claims

When a loss occurs, whether a firefloodhurricanehail, tornado, pipe break, theft, or vandalism the owner of the building has to act quickly and decisively in order to avoid negative impacts on tenants businesses, or worse potentially losing tenants

Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Fire damage insurance claims can be complex and difficult.  If you have had a fire, it’s imperative to hire a public adjuster to navigate all the nuances of properly documenting and negotiating these complex fire claims.  From hiring us, to negotiating your claim settlement, our public adjusters will keep you updated on the claim throughout the process.  For more information on fire damage claims please view the links below or contact Prime Adjustments today:

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