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Water losses stem from a wide range of causes.  In southwest Montana, water can damage properties by way of pipe breaks, hail, ice dams, and other plumbing or roof leaks. With harsher winters, there is a high occurrence of pipe bursts and ice dams in Montana.  Large or small, water losses can be cumbersome to deal with, especially if they cause displacement from your property or interrupt rental operations.  Having a local Bozeman public adjuster that can navigate multiple stakeholders and coverages to ensure the best and fastest possible resolution is important.  Prime Adjustments works with carriers, mitigation, restoration, and reconstruction contractors to ensure no damages are overlooked, and that your property is restored appropriately.  If you have experienced a water loss resulting from an ice dam or burst/broken pipe, give us a call for a free claim review and consultation to see if we can assist you.


What Do I Do After Filing A Water Damage Insurance Claim In Bozeman?

There are many issues to be aware of after a property damage loss.  Our local Bozeman public adjusters can help coordinate the right team needed to mitigate and remediate your loss.  Many losses require specific experts.  Many times, the insurance carrier will send out their preferred contractors.  These contractors may not properly scope and price the loss.  This is why it’s important to bring us in early to ensure all work that is needed is requested to get you back to a pre-loss condition.

Common Bozeman Montana Insurance Claims

Our Bozeman public adjusters assist with the following claims:


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