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4/26/2024 Nebraska Tornado Claims

On the afternoon and evening April 26th, 2024 areas of northeastern Nebraska and western Iowa experienced a series of damaging tornadoes.  While the total dollar value is still being tallied, these tornadoes impacted several population centers, including the Omaha suburb of Elkhorn causing extensive tornado damage to both residences and commercial properties.  NOAA’s ongoing analysis of the 4/26 tornado outbreak has identified the following;

  • Total Number of Tornado Tracks: 14
  • Total Track Length of All Combined Tornadoes: 181.2 miles
  • Combined time tornadoes were on the ground: 5 hours and 30 min
  • Maximum Tornado Wind Speed Based on Ground Level Damage Assessments: 165 mph
  • Maximum Single Tornado Track Length: 40.9 miles
  • Maximum Tornado Width: 1 mile (Two of the tornadoes were one mile wide)
  • Tornado Counts by Strength
    • EF-3: 5
    • EF-2: 2
    • EF-1: 5
    • EF-0: 0
    • EF-Unknown: 2

Based on what is understood thus far, the most damaging of the 14 was the EF-3 tornado which originated southwest of Elkhorn moving northeast, across the northwest part of the Omaha suburbs, to the south of the town of Blair, finally dissipating southwest of Modale, IA.  According to all accounts so far this tornado was one of the strongest (EF-3), and also the most damaging due to the path it took through the greater Omaha metropolitan area. 

Elkhorn Tornado Damage Claim

Path of the Elkhorn / Bennington / Blair tornado (NOAA)

Second to the Elkhorn tornado in terms of population centers effected, was another EF-3 which touched down just northeast of Lincoln, and traveled northeast, dissipating north of the town of Waverly.

Waverly Tornado Damage Claims

Path of the Lincoln/Waverly Tornado (NOAA)

Nebraska Tornado Insurance Claims

As the dust continues to settle in the communities impacted by these Nebraska tornadoes, the damage left in their wake begins to be inventoried and those affected begin the arduous process of putting their lives back together.  For most this will mean filing and navigating insurance claims with their respective insurance carriers.  For some helpful tips on what to do if faced with tornado damage to your property, check out our Tornado Damage insurance Claim.  If you have any questions about your policy, or are looking for resources to get an opinion on your damage do not hesitate to reach out to a reputable public adjuster or attorney.  They will have the ability to review your claim, as well as recommend experts to provide insight into the loss.


Additionally, if your property was not in the direct path of the tornadoes, but you worry may have sustained wind or hail damage associated with the tornadoes it is important to have a reputable contractor or public adjuster come out and conduct a damage assessment.

Our Nebraska public adjusters work in Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, Grand Island, Kearney, Fremont, Hastings, Norfolk and throughout the state of Nebraska.

Dealing with Nebraska tornado claims often requires a coordinated response from various stakeholders, including emergency responders, government agencies, public adjusters, and community organizations.  Contact a Nebraska public adjuster at Prime Adjustments today to review your insurance policy to ensure your loss is covered under your policy.


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