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Omaha Public Adjusters Representing Property Insurance Claims in Douglas County

Our Omaha public adjusters are your policyholder advocates for residential and commercial property insurance claims.  Many policyholders in Omaha have no idea what their duties are after a property insurance loss.  There are things you must do to mitigate the loss under your insurance policy.  Our Omaha public adjusters are here to make sure everything required under your insurance policy is completed, your Omaha property damage is properly documented and negotiations are properly handled to achieve a fair claim settlement.  We understand the claims process and do everything we can to minimize the frustration of resolving your insurance claim.

Our Nebraska public adjusters work in Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, Grand Island, Kearney, Fremont, Hastings, Norfolk and throughout the state of Nebraska.

If you have hired an Omaha property management company, our Omaha public adjusters work closely with them to ensure everyone is kept up to date on the claim status and progression.  It’s our goal to get your property back to a pre-loss condition.

Typical Omaha Insurance claims we handle are hail claims, tornado claims, fire claims, water damage, and flood claims.  In the event your insurance claim is denied, delayed or underpaid contact our Omaha public adjusters to ensure you are getting everything you are owed under your insurance policy.


The Threat of Tornadoes in Omaha Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska, located in the heart of the Great Plains, is no stranger to tornadoes. Being part of the region known as Tornado Alley, Omaha experiences lots of tornado activity, especially during the spring and summer months when atmospheric conditions are conducive to severe weather.

Tornadoes in Omaha can occur with little warning, although advancements in meteorological technology and improved warning systems have significantly increased the lead time for tornado alerts and warnings in recent years. 

The most destructive tornado to hit Omaha in recent memory occurred on May 6, 1975. This tornado, part of the historic Omaha Tornado Outbreak, caused widespread devastation across the city, resulting in multiple fatalities and extensive damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure. It remains one of the deadliest tornadoes in Nebraska’s history.

On April 26, 2024, a devastating tornado swept through Omaha causing extensive property damage.  Our Omaha public adjusters are assisting policyholders by reviewing insurance policies, scoping the damage and negotiating with the insurance carriers to ensure proper property damage claim settlements so the policyholder can start rebuilding after this tragedy.

Claims We Represent in Omaha Nebraska

Home Fire Claims

Commercial Fire Claims

Water Damage Claims

Wind Claims

Flood Claims

There Are Many Public Adjusters that work in Omaha Nebraska, Why Choose Prime Adjustments?

  1. Expertise and Experience: Our public adjusters are skilled with a wealth of knowledge in insurance policies and the claims process. We’ve successfully handled numerous claims, ensuring our clients receive a fair settlement they deserve and are entitled to.

  2. Client-First Approach: Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We take the time to listen to your concerns, understand your unique claim situation, and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.  Not all claims and insurance policies and claims are the same.

  3. Proven Track Record: We have individually earned a reputation for excellence in the public adjusting, first party property and contractor industry. Our track record of successful claim settlements speaks volumes about our commitment to our clients.

  4. Strategic Negotiation: With our proficient negotiation skills and knowledge of building damage and insurance policy’s, we present our case to the insurance companies’ adjusters, ensuring you are treated fairly and with respect.

  5. Thorough Documentation: We leave no damage undocumented when documenting property damages and losses. Our attention to detail ensures that your claim accurately reflects the scope of damages, leaving no room for dispute.  We do not inflate your estimate but rather document every item that has damage and we can directly attribute to your loss.  This also helps define our reputation in the industry by not inflating claims and builds trust with the carriers.

  6. Communication:  The largest complaint industry wide is communication.  We strive to update you and your contractor or property manager throughout each step of the claim process, so everyone is on the same page and is aware of the progress of the claim settlement.

Our Process: The Road to Fair Compensation

  1. Initial Consultation: We begin by scheduling an initial consultation to understand your situation better. During this meeting, we assess the damages and review your insurance policy and any correspondence with your insurance carrier to determine proper coverage exists.

  2. Comprehensive Assessment: Our public adjusters conduct a detailed inspection of your property, meticulously documenting all damages and losses.  We may bring in additional experts to prove your damage.

  3. Strategizing Your Claim: With our findings, we develop a comprehensive claim report package and initiate a robust strategy to assist in your settlement.

  4. Professional Negotiation: Armed with solid evidence and expertise, we engage in claim negotiations with the insurance company’s adjusters, advocating for a fair and just settlement.

  5. Securing Your Compensation: Once an agreement is reached, we ensure you receive your claim settlement promptly, enabling you to move forward with repairing and rebuilding your property.

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Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation and take the first step towards securing a fair and just settlement for your Florida Keys property insurance claim. After this consultation we will provide the best course of action.  Even if Prime Adjustments is not the right fit for your situation, we will properly advise you what course of action is recommended.  We take care of our clients like they are family.

Omaha Fire Resources

Omaha Fire Department

If your building had a fire in Omaha your insurance company may ask for a fire report regarding your Omaha fire claim.  Below is the contact info for the Omaha Fire Department Headquarters.

Omaha Fire Department Headquarters
1516 Jackson St
Omaha, NE 68102
Main Office: 402-444-5700


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